Film Liaison (English)


$ 150.00

The AFCI Film Liaison course has been developed to assist film commissions in training contacts in their region to support film productions. Film commissioners can’t be at all places at once, nor can they have intimate knowledge of every location in their jurisdiction. We believe communities that have a designated, trained film liaison working in concert with their film commission will meet with a higher level of success.

After taking this course, film liaisons will have a basic understanding of:

  • the roles of film commissions and liaisons
  • the fundamental needs of on-location film production
  • working with the film industry
  • location scouting
  • economic opportunities for local labor, businesses and services

This course is designed to be licensed by a member film commission to distribute to contacts in their jurisdiction. It may be purchased at the individual rate of $150. Members can purchase 10 or more licenses at $100 each and 50 or more licenses for $50 each.