Hotel/Hospitality Liaison


$ 100.00

The AFCI Hotel/Hospitality Liaison role is the key to securing and servicing film production business. This role requires knowledge of the filming process, the demands and needs of film production companies, and the ability to make prompt decisions, react immediately to issues as they arise, and service the client during what will appear to even seasoned hotel/hospitality professionals as massively un-organized chaos.

This course is intended to introduce and train key individuals to the Hotel/Hospitality Liaison role, how it fits in the film production process, the expectations and requirements of production companies, and the procedures this key individual will use to secure and successfully service film production business. It was developed by Mr. Keoki Wallace,  Adjunct Professor in the Business Management School at Brigham Young University, Hawaii and former film liaision at Turtle Bay Resort. 

After taking this course, you will have a basic understanding of:

  • the roles of film commissions and film liaisons
  • the fundamentals of film production
  • working with the film industry
  • servicing the hotel/hospitality needs of film production
  • marketing your hotel as “film friendly”

Hotel/Hospitality Liaison is the second in a series of Community Training courses, following the Film Liaisons course. These courses are not intended for film commissioners, but rather to assist our members in training the contacts in their community that need to better understand both the film industry and the job of the film commissioner.

The course is available now for $100. AFCI Members have the option of purchasing licenses in groups of 10 for $500 ($50 per license).